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At St. Alban’s we provide our children with a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that build on previous learning and allows the pupil to experience a range of art styles. We aim to build on life skills by seeing the work of a variety of artists so that they can appreciate that we are all different but all unique and have all got something to give to the wider community. Using art to showcase different live styles, different countries, different beliefs we are helping the children to become global citizens. Through DT and art projects we are able to help the children gain and understanding for the need to recycle, climate change and its implications etc. so that they become more understanding of the world around them and the need to look after it all. Through the work each year group is doing on their chosen half termly artist/art work they will gain knowledge of famous artists and develop an understanding of how art reflects life/history/social need/culture.

We enable the children to understand how art touches all walks of life in every aspect. We want the children to see art in the world and to see themselves as world artists. We encourage the children to notice the details in everyday life and to be able to see their place in the bigger picture.