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D&T workshops Oct 19

Yr 1 Bridge challenge
At the end of September, Mr Campetti came to work with our Year 1 class. We talked about bridges, where we find them and what they do. Mr Campetti gave us a challenge: to build a bridge that would cross a “river” and which would carry the weight of a wooden brick. After we had made our bridges, we put them on the “river” and talked about how some of our bridges were very strong.


Yr 4 Sky Scraper design challenge
Year 4 recently enjoyed a visit from Mr Campetti, who set a sky scraper design challenge. Mr Campetti introduced the challenge by showing the children different examples of sky scrapers around the world. The children were then taught about the different design features their sky scraper would need, for example a lift and a form of renewable energy. The children are looking forward to working on their designs and models. Watch out for more information and photos coming soon!