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Drawing and Talking

Drawing and Talking is a person-centred therapy focusing on prevention, early intervention and recovery.

Originally designed as a school-based therapeutic intervention, Drawing and Talking have now established relationships within the mental health and well-being sector with varying professionals. Providing a highly effective person-centred therapeutic play-work approach, this tier 1-2 intervention is intended to complement rather than replace the work of CAMHS, art or other specialist therapists; enabling children who would otherwise go untreated to get the help they need before problems become entrenched. Drawing and Talking technique is a safe and easy to learn short term, time-limited therapy to be used with anyone (age 5+) who has suffered trauma or has underlying emotional difficulties. It supports those who are not realising their full potential either academically, professionally or socially.

Drawing and Talking enables trained staff to assess the social and emotional skills of pupils quickly and effectively, ensuring they can respond in the right way. Targeted support and action plans can then be put in place, with tailored strategies and activities that meet the needs of the individual child.

Here at St Alban’s, we have a number of team members who are trained in Drawing and Talking therapy and it is used with great success with many of our pupils.