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Green Team

Our school intent encourages children to be active and caring members of our school and wider society. We want our children to have an eco-awareness on their impact on the planet and be active citizens in our community.

Our aims for the year fall into three categories:

  • Biodiversity
  • Transport
  • Waste

Biodiversity aims

  • Develop a gardening team

Transport aims

  • Embed ‘WOW walk’ across all classes
  • Reduce the amount of vehicles around school at drop off/pick up times
  • Take part in national initiatives regarding transport, i.e. walk to school week.

Waste Aims

  • Reduce food waste from lunch times
  • Monitor and recycle paper waste
  • Monitor gas and electricity usage to reduce wasted use.

The Green Team are leaders in working towards these aims and making our school more eco- friendly. They undergo a range of tasks and activities which limit and recycle waste appropriately, monitor and analyse our energy use through Eco Driver.