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Kevin Graal Storytelling Oct 19

The whole school were fortunate to receive a visit from the storyteller, Kevin Graal. Here we hear from Year 4 on their experience of the visit.

Year 4 recently had a workshop with Kevin Graal. In the first workshop, Kevin Graal took the children through a story full of laughter and happiness known as 'Clay Boy'. He told children the story through this actions and language and the children thoroughly enjoyed it! The children were then set a task to complete a 'story wheel' to summarise the story of 'Clay Boy.' They were then asked to write the ending of the story. In the second workshop, the children were allowed to present their version of the ending of 'Clay Boy' and the children enjoyed listening to their peers as they read their work. Kevin Graal explained the end of the story to the children and the children were astounded by the ending. The children absolutely loved story telling and feeling immersed into the story.