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Our Approach to Computing



Technology has made revolutionary changes to our lives. It is an essential part of our lives today and serves many purposes in many of the most important aspects of modern society. Through teaching computing, we equip our children with the knowledge and skills needed to participate safely and effectively in this digital world. Pupils are introduced to a wide range of technology to ensure that they are digitally literate and able to express their ideas through information and computer technology. Pupils are equipped with computational skills and problem-solving abilities to use their creativity to understand and change the world.

Each year group will also learn about a ‘key figure’ who’s impact in the field of computing has influenced our world. Each year group also has a knowledge organiser which outlines vocabulary the children must master in that year. Teachers and pupils use a range of technology in their lessons including Laptops, Blue-Bots and Tac-Tile Readers, Ino-Bots and Micro:bits. Using a wide range of resources enhances learning, instils computational thinking, attention to detail, collaboration and problem-solving.