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Our Approach to DT

Throughout our school, pupils will be exposed to a range of different kinds of design and technology opportunities including junk modelling, D&T lessons and outside workshops and opportunities.  In D&T lessons, pupils are taught how to design, using research and sketches as aides, make using tools and materials and evaluate existing products and their own final products and build their technical vocabulary. Every year group will complete at least 3 full design and make projects.

 1. Food

2. Textiles

3. Mechanisms etc.

As part of their work with food, pupils explore how to cook and apply principles of nutrition and healthy eating.

Through our D&T curriculum, our children will be curious about the world around them and the design opportunities out there for them. They will have the key knowledge they need for life. From designing and making their products, they will have resilience and perseverance and knowledge that they need to keep trying and that things will not necessarily work first time round. Through engaging lessons, children will be able to take risks in a safe environment and think very carefully for themselves. All children are encouraged to think for themselves. We develop the children’s knowledge of how they can be more eco-friendly in the products that they design and make and ensure children are aware of the throwaway society that we are now in and how we can step out of it.