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Our Approach to Geography

Our geography curriculum aims to ensure a broad and balanced learning experience for all children, with a focus on understanding of the world. Through our geography curriculum, our children will be curious about the world around them. They will ask questions and question why decisions were made e.g. deforestation and the impact this has had. They will appreciate the world on both a local and a global scale as they explore human and physical geography. Our children will have an awareness of the world and an understanding of different cultures. Our curriculum follows a clear progression of skills. Teachers make meaningful links between geography and other subjects, to ensure a cross curricular approach to learning. 

Children use a range of skills including:

•Inquiry skills

•Analytical skills

•Communication and teamwork skills

•Fieldwork skills

First hand experiences are used across the school. These include a local walk of the school environment for Year 1’s unit on local area, a walk around Molesey in Year 2 and an Orienteering Day for Years 4, 5 and 6.