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Our Approach to Geography


Our geography curriculum aims to ensure a broad and balanced learning experience for all children, with a focus on locational and place knowledge, geographical skills, fieldwork and human/physical geography. Through the curriculum, our children will be curious about the world around them, ask questions and enquire as to why decisions were made e.g. why was Hampton Court built here and how does it impact our local area?

By looking at the world through a local and then global lens, our children make connections. They have an understanding of different cultures, traditions and how geography is interwoven in their everyday lives.

Our curriculum follows a clear progression of skills. Teachers make meaningful links between geography and other subjects, to ensure a cross-curricular approach to learning. 

We use the big ideas of geography - place, space, environment, scale, environmental impact, cultural awareness and interconnections - to ensure our children leave St Alban’s having had the opportunity to combine their knowledge and skills learnt to make them confident geographers.

First-hand experiences are used across the school to ensure skills are progressive. In EYFS, children learn about our school, making observational drawings, creating maps and asking questions. Through Key Stage 1, this progresses to the local area (focussing on how/why transport is used) and then onto local rivers in Year 4. From this, children are then equipped to delve into how our local area has changed in Year 5 and by Year 6, children enquire into pollution in the area and how/why this happens.

We are proud to have been awarded the Silver award for the Primary Geography Quality Mark, reflecting our commitment to excellence in this subject.