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Our Approach to MFL

At St. Alban’s we aim to continue to develop and discover an appreciation for the French Language and Culture. We develop the children’s understanding of written and oral French language and put these into every day contexts and be able to confidently have at a two way conversation.

Our MFL lessons develops many transferable skills which impacts all year groups. Communication is really developed within lessons as listening is an integral part of all lessons and this requires pupils to distinguish different types of sounds. Children are also required to speak French for a range of different purposes, they must think about what they want to say and have the confidence to deliver it. The children regularly learn new vocabulary which helps them to recall information better. Each year group has different ways in which they show their presentation skills and put their learning into real life contexts. e.g Year 3- Introducing themselves, Year 4- Go on a shopping trip, Year 5- Create Weather Reports and Year 6 take part in a fashion show.  Through pupil voice, our children love their French lessons and are always very eager to talk about what they are learning.