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Pupil Voice

There are three junior leadership teams at St Alban's:

School Parliament

The School Parliament is made of a selection of children from KS2 who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve the school.   

A key part of their role of the school parliament is to support pupils to understand that their opinion is of value, that their voices should be heard, and that their suggestions have merit.  They help them to learn how to communicate effectively and show them how to develop skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.  

Everyone at St Alban’s is passionate about pupil voice and recgonises the importance of an effective school parliament which represents the views of all children and supports school improvement and development.   

The school parliament works as a team and meets to discuss the key objectives and progress made towards these.  The school parliament are often allocated a certain budget to spend towards particular school initiatives.  

Green Team

The Green Team are a group of children who have been selected to make St Alban's as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Over the course of the year, they will be suggesting strategies that we can implement as a school to ensure that we are doing as much as possible to protect our common home - Planet Earth. As a team, the children will then decide which of these initiatives are worth pursuing, before setting challenges for the whole school to take part in. The Green Team meet regularly to assess how much progress has been made in this area and input plans to improve even further.  As well as listening to the suggesting of their classmates, the Green Team are given the responsibility of researching their own ideas to help us all to be as green as possible. 

Mini Vinnies

The Mini Vinnies here at St. Alban's are part of our Spiritual Council. Throughout the year, they are going to organise events to support local charities and others in need. They come together to form a part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society -a voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty in all its forms. Mini Vinnies meet to pray, discuss and support however they can to help make a difference in their communities. Mini Vinnies truly turn concern into action as they use the simple formula of ‘see, think, do’ to find people in need and help them.  We have recently elected 18 Mini Vinnies to be a part of this team ranging from Year 3-6.