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School Parliament

St Alban’s School Parliament 2023-24

Key aims and objectives for the year:

1. Our School Curriculum

2. Our School Environment

3. Community and Fundraising

4. Health, Sport and Recreation

5. Mental health and well-being

The School Parliament is made of a selection of children from KS2 who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve the school. Leadership of the School Parliament is supported by Mrs Kent.

A key part of their role of the school parliament is to support pupils to understand that their opinion is of value, that their voices should be heard, and that their suggestions have merit. They help them to learn how to communicate effectively and show them how to develop skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Everyone at St Alban’s is passionate about pupil voice. We recognise the importance of an effective school parliament which represents the views of all children and supports school improvement and development.

Our School Parliament works as a team and meets regularly to discuss the key objectives and aims outlined below.

Ministers for the curriculum Ministers for the school environment Ministers for community and fundraising

Assisting teachers with special events, e.g. science week, arts week, project days

Conducting pupil surveys about the curriculum and particular lessons

Keeping track of all the exciting events going on in school, collecting photos etc.

Writing a summary of the wider curriculum event each term for the newsletter

These ministers work alongside the green team in being responsible for:

Increasing school awareness of special Environmental days.

Advertising environmental concerns

Educating others in environmental matters

Discussing and implementing strategies to keep the environment clean.

Discussing issues which arise in the school environment with the School Parliament Lead and presenting these issues to students.

Investigate ways in which we can increase the amount that we recycle in school.

Organising fundraisers for worthy causes.

Organising publicity for fundraising

Presenting local competitions to classes

Investigating other ways to engage with the local community

Ministers for health, sport and communication

Ministers for mental health and well-being

Ministers for each class/ year group

Ensuring the playground is kept tidy and safe.

Supervising the PE equipment - keep it tidy, check equipment, ensure equipment is returned to the right place

Liaise with Miss Clark to help organise sporting events.

Discuss with students correct care and safety when using sports equipment.

Work with the play leaders to help students in the playground develop positive friendships and encourage them to play safe, inclusive games.

If rules or rotas are needed for games/ areas they would be asked to make rulings/posters and work with Miss Clark to print/ circulate these

Ensure that there is enough equipment for playtimes and lunchtimes and ordering more (within a set budget) if needed

Being alert and aware of anyone in school who is struggling and offer reassurance/ speak to a teacher.

Helping to ensure all children understand the zones of regulation and the posters about the size of problems

Helping to organise mental health week/ anti-bullying week

Communicating to the class what has been happening in Parliament (eg: activities that have been organised).

Communicating to the parliament what has been happening in the class (eg: any suggestions for issues/concerns/ideas that they believe should be brought to the attention of the School Parliament).

Conducting occasional class meetings/ surveys and filling in responses in the School Parliament book in preparation for School Parliament meetings.

Key activities for the year

  • Fundraising for the Weir Archer association (linked to disabled athlete visit) TBC
  • Save the children Christmas jumper day
  • Homelessness awareness and fundraiser
  • Championing British Values – Helping Mrs Mettrick to update our focus British Value each half term and speaking about these in class
  • UK parliament week (TBC)
  • Supporting Green Team in implementing Eco Driver actions (TBC)