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School Parliament


St. Alban's School Parliament is democratically elected. It consists of two representatives of each class, from Reception to Year 6. The Parliament meets frequently, at least once every half-term, to express views and make decisions regarding issues concerning the pupils at school. The School Parliament at St. Alban's is chaired by the Headteacher Mr. Brannigan.

The Election Process

The election process for School Parliament starts by each pupil in every class getting a chance to write a speech to present the next day. If they wish to run then they present their speech to the whole class and the two people with the most votes in each class will be elected.  Elections happen in the Autumn Term each year.

If you want to be part of the School Parliament, tell your teacher when it’s close to election time and prepare your speech well.

In the meantime, make sure you let your current class parliament representatives know your views!