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At St Alban’s our science is founded upon engaging children’s natural curiosity in the world around them, with questioning and practical exploration highly valued. Children learn different ways of conducting an investigation, as well as the value of careful observation, analysis and reflection. Using our extensive grounds for biology topics inspires a sense of care and responsibility towards the environment.

Scientific investigation builds independent learning skills, with children encouraged to debate, research, and adopt leadership roles within their peer groups. The history of scientific discovery is based upon daring to think differently, and study of past and present scientists provides role models for confidence in developing ideas. We aim for children to view science as foundational to the world around them, and a still-developing field to which they can make a contribution.  


  • To create a confident, curious and analytical approach to viewing the world around us;
  • To equip children with the vocabulary of science, and the passion to debate ideas without always seeking an easy answer;
  • Confidence in handling equipment and interacting with the natural world in a safe and responsible way;
  • A developing understanding of research skills, as well as confidence in presenting results.