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Y3 Kew Gardens Jan 20

On Tuesday 21st of January 2020, Year 3 set off on an exciting Science Trip to Kew Gardens. In Science and Geography, we are currently learning about plants.This educational visit was organised in order for pupils’ knowledge to be stretched even further and to develop their curiosity about plants from around the world.
Overall, it was an action packed outing at Kew Gardens! Each class was able to enjoy exploring the vast gardens as well as discover the magic of the new Children’s Garden with its four sections of air, water, earth and sun. Furthermore, each class took part in an education session taught by one of the knowledgeable Kew Gardens staff. This involved many various activities (outside and indoors) linked to plants which pupils loved taking part in. The microscopes were definitely a big hit!
Our visit to Kew Gardens has sparked enthusiasm amongst the pupils and they are eager to learn more over the next few weeks.